Multi In Vitro Organ MIVO® device

Product category: In vitro assays
Product code: BK2M024

MIVO single flow

12 MIVO® disposable chambers, individually blistered and sterilized, ready to use.

Product description

The Multi In Vitro Organ MIVO® device is a cell/tissue culture chamber that recapitulates the physiological fluid-dynamic conditions.

MIVO® device, assembled to a pumping system, provides a controlled and reproducible fluid flow in terms of direction, speed and induced shear stresses, enabling to mimic different physiological flows affecting the cells/tissue behaviour.

MIVO® can be used:

  • for enhancing tissues conditions and prolonging lifetime,
  • for advanced drug testing assays on 2D cells monolayers/3D reconstructed tissues/biopsies, 
  • for discovering new therapeutic approaches, 
  • for basic research, without involving animal use.

Vendor: React4life


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