About SaferWorldbyDesign

Safer Design for a safer world

SaferWorldbyDesign is a solution-oriented, safety assessment platform supporting the design and testing of intelligent, safer products using new approach methods in toxicology and next-generation risk assessment.

Its partners bring expertise in the best emerging research methods in toxicology, biology, chemistry, risk assessment, and computer science to provide a one-stop-shop for designing a safer world.

Safer by design thinking builds safety into products and materials from the earliest design phase - way before such products ever go to market. This helps protect the safety of consumers and the environment. It also makes good business sense.

Combined expertise for integrated solutions

SaferWorldbyDesign integrates in silico and in vitro methods to develop standard and premium Integrated Approaches to Testing and Assessment (IATAs), including methods that support ingredient screening, product design and the preparation of regulatory dossiers.

Together, the SaferWorldbyDesign partners supply commercial solutions, products and services to:

  • Help industry incorporate the latest methods from complex science into business processes;
  • Prepare evidence and regulatory dossiers;
  • Promote the design and management of safer products throughout the life cycle;
  • Translate new assessment methods to best practices;
  • Support alternative methods and implementation of 3Rs principles on the Replacement, Reduction and Refinement of animal testing.

Historically, products have been tested using animal testing. We adhere and pursue the 3Rs principles of the refinement, reduction and replacement of such animal testing through the integrated use of modern interdisciplinary science. Such an integration supports the use of all evidence available from chemistry, biology, toxicology, medicine and environmental science, combined with best data and computational science practices and methods.

SaferWorldbyDesign solutions:

  • In vitro testing/assays on compounds and formulations for the cosmetics, pharma, medical device, chemical, and food industries
  • Harmonised data integration supporting IATAs (EdelweissData™)
  • Pre-clinical safety testing
  • Formulation assessments
  • Toxicological and regulatory expertise and advice
  • Safety Assessments and Regulatory Affairs
  • HepaRG™ cell lines and applications for hepatotoxicity testing
  • IATA for skin sensitisation (SaferSkin™)
  • Skin discs and product testing for skin tolerance and irritation
  • Text mining and aggregation to deliver actionable insights (Taxila™)
  • Machine learning and AI applied to data analysis

SaferWorldbyDesign products

SaferSkin™ platform

  • An easy-to-use application based on OECD defined and industry tested approaches to predict the skin sensitisation potential of ingredients. SaferSkin™ assesses input data and assigns a sensitisation category and the level of confidence in the prediction.
  • A complete range of assays and reports.
  • Tests on volunteers.


A platform for harmonised data integration, supporting the use of multiple datasets with seamless sharing of data and metadata. EdelweissData™ prepares, curates, harmonises, standardises and brings together data from different formats, different sources, and different labs.


HepaRG™ is a well-established hepatic cell system. It is truly unique in its ability to produce early hepatic progenitor cells as well as completely mature human hepatocytes. They are economical, convenient, and available either under their stem cell status and good to be expanded and differentiated in-house, or as cryopreserved, fully differentiated and ready-to-use hepatic cells. HepaRG™ applications include in vitro ADME testing, inhibition assays, drug metabolism and clearance, cholestasis, virology (HBV, HCV) and viral infection.

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