SenzaGen State-of-the-art non-animal tests for assessing a substance’s allergenicity

SenzaGen is a Swedish biotech company that provides state-of-the-art non-animal tests for assessing a substance’s allergenicity. The GARD® test method combines genomic data from human cells with machine learning for a unique capability to identify and analyze whether a chemical could cause allergic reactions on the skin or in the respiratory tract. With excellent predictivity, GARD® meets needs in several industries and helps companies develop, produce and deliver safer, ethical and more sustainable products. The GARD® tests are performed in SenzaGen’s GLP-approved lab and by selected partners in Europe and the US. SenzaGen has its headquarters in Lund, Sweden and a subsidiary in the US.

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GARDskin is a robust in vitro test to identify potential chemical skin sensitizers with broad applicability and over 90% prediction accuracy.


GARDpotency is an in vitro add-on test to GARDskin for potency classification according to GHS/CLP.

GARDskin Dose-Response

GARDskin Dose-Response is an in vitro test for quantitative skin sensitizing potency assessment of chemicals, adapted from GARDskin.

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