Phenaris Transporter Models

Product category: Toxicology Services
Product code: PTM

The Phenaris Transporter Models can predict ligand-transporter interaction in 3 easy steps: log-in, upload SDF files, run prediction.

Phenaris Transporter Models cover:

  • Data curation: manually curated data for high quality training sets
  • Model building: cutting edge machine learning algorithms accounting for imbalanced training sets
  • Data analysis: traffic light system for results including visualisation of applicability domain assessment

What we offer:

  • we provide predictions for substrate and inhibitor properties
  • we customise models using your in house data sets
  • we develop models for transporter of interest
  • we perform large scale predictions and provide reports
  • we combine models with structure-based design


We offer flexible pricing according to your needs and type of institution:

  • Pay per use for single compounds and data sets
  • Time limited licenses for our cloud-based instances
  • Your own instance hosted in the cloud
  • A docker image for in-house installation
  • Service – we do the assessment for you

We offer different pricing for academics, SMEs and corporates. If you have any questions or would like to inquire a customized package please contact us.

Vendor: Phenaris

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