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Towards Creating an engine of scientific discovery

Tuesday, 17 December 2019 - 16:00 CET

This virtual meeting will include a perspective and a discussion session.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), when it is well designed and trained, can be one of the solutions to overcome some of the weaknesses of our cognitive processes thereby leading to highly efficient and organized scientific discoveries. Our ultimate goal is to develop an AI system that can make major scientific discoveries that would improve the state of the world and impacting the way we do science. Eventually, we may be able to envision the future that some of the discoveries may be significant enough that worth Nobel Prize and beyond.

To create such an engine of scientific discovery is an endeavor that requires large-scale platforms for computation, connectivity, and automation to drive a new direction of collaborative science.

We have been developing the Garuda Platform and Gandhara AI framework as a basic infrastructure to tackle the grand challenge.

Garuda is an open, community-driven, platform that provides a framework to discover, connect & navigate through different applications on devices as well as in the cloud. Garuda connects with various machine learning tools, algorithms through our Gandhara platform to provide insights and visualizations. In this talk, we provide an overview of the platform technologies, with a focus on text analytics aspects of Gandhara, the Taxila Knowledge Mining system, and discuss some use-cases based on text mining and natural language processing and their applications to drug discovery, toxicology, and related areas. We summarize with a vision of re-imagining connectivity in the age of digital medicine, healthcare, and beyond.

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