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Euclia is a spinoff company from the National Technical University of Athens, founded in 2022, that focuses on in silico research and development, creating tools that promote health, safety, and sustainability. Euclia's team members have a strong expertise in the domains of chemoinformatics, nanoinformatics and pharmacoinformatics.

Euclia’s main product is Jaqpot, a cloud-native platform that offers an easy and efficient way of developing, using, sharing, and integrating predictive models at scale,  in a fully documented way. The company envisions advancing the interoperability of predictive models and increasing their visibility and accessibility to a wider audience. Jaqpot integrates state-of-the-art technologies that enable it to become the platform of choice for model producers and model consumers in various fields. A wide spectrum of applications on property prediction, safety and sustainability by design, exposure and hazard estimation, and risk minimization are available through the platform, and we at Euclia are aiming to make Jaqpot the golden standard in a global scale for managing such models.

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